You may have already realized that the keyless entry system on your Schlage electronic lock is not infallible, due to the way it operates. No matter what model you have, the door can be opened by someone who enters in the correct 6-digit code or has a working remote transmitter. There are ways to hack this system, but since most people who encounter such a problem are concerned about security this is not the best option.

The following article will introduce you to the procedure for opening a lock when you know its code and have no working fob transmitter. There are several reasons why codes need to be changed on the keypads: perhaps the code was forgotten, the fobs no longer work, or someone has figured out the code. This article will also discuss how you can keep unauthorized people from getting access to your home by using some simple techniques that are included within the programming of most Schlage keypads.

Step 1: Locating The Lock

The lock is installed on your door, so it should be fairly easy to locate. The best way to do this is by finding the “C” wire that runs from your lock to your door jamb. The C wire is used for power and because of this, there will only be one in each installation. Once you have located where the wires enter into the jamb, look for 2 black screws at the top of the plate that holds your wire in place. Remove these screws with a Phillips screw driver, and pull the cover off to expose your lock’s electronic board. The board will have 2 plugs coming out of it, 1 plugged into your C wire, and 1 plugged into your transformer (if you do not have a transformer the wire will hang loose).

Step 2: Locating The Wiring

You will need to find out which wire does what, in order for you to open the door. To do this, you must remove all of the wires from their respective ports on the board. This is not as hard as it may sound; simply push the wire into the port, and then push it down toward the bottom of the board. This will release a small tab that is holding the wire into place. The wiring configuration should be as follows:

  • C – Black or Red Wire – Connects to both plugs on board
  • E – White Wire with Blue Stripe  – Connects to only the transformer port
  • O – White Wire with Green Stripe  – Connects to only the lock’s port.
  • W – White Wire with Yellow Stripe  – Connects to only the Deadbolt’s port.

If your wires are different than this, you may have an older version of this board or a slightly different model.

how to open schlage lock with a rake

Schlage Electronic Keypad lock is not an electronic device that accepts code from the keypad and opens door automatically when correct code is applied. There is a mechanical latch that prevents door from opening when you press the keypad. Schlage electronic keypad lock allows user to enter 4-digit code and opens door if correct combination is entered.

  1. If wrong combination is entered 3 times it will lock for 3 minutes
  2. if 4 wrong combination is entered it will shut off the electricity, enter correct passcode to unlock.
  3. Entering incorrect code 10 times enables Alert Mode until you press Clear/Off button
  4. If power is disconnected, the keypad has no power, must be reprogrammed with new


Now try to open your door. If it opens, then you have just found out that O is for unlocking and E is for locking! That’s all there is to this procedure, but if it did not work then check them again to make sure you have the right wire in each port. Also, double check that your board is plugged into the C wire and the transformer.

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